Blue Lacy Temperament and Lifespan

This breed has a mild character and great learning abilities.These dogs always easy to follow instructions from the master, obedient and ready to work without rest, as well as being very energetic and committed. Highly-developed protective instinct makes Blue Lacy behave calm with strangers, so in this situation you can often observe caution on the part of the dog.

Individuals of this breed are always ready to devote themselves to the family in which they live. These dogs do not like when they raise their voices, so in training and in everyday life it is better to talk to them gently. They are easy to learn, having an agreeable and obedient character. The life expectancy of this breed is about 13-16 years.

How Much Does a Blue Lacy Cost and Price Range

The price ranges from $400 to $700 usually but you can find a bit lower price for the pet quality dog as well as the higher price for the show quality puppy. The price vroom also depends on the breeder and the place where you are buying your dog, look vroom.

Blue Lacy Colors, Shedding, Full Size and Average Weight

Blue lacy is a breed of working dogs. If to be more exact, Blue Lacy is an American cattle dog, tireless assistant at the ranch. It comes from pariah dogs, common in the southeastern United States. Appearance of Blue Lacy reminds pooch, which is common for herding dogs of the south of America. Weight is about18-23 kg. Color can be different: pale yellow, yellow, red, gray, black and tan, usually solid, but can be bi-color and tri-color. The coat is short, smooth and shiny. Blue Lacy is the tireless worker, easily cope with any livestock.

Blue Lacy Breed Characteristics, Information and Facts

In 1995 Blue Lacy has been officially recognized as a national breed of Texas and is a real pride of its inhabitants. Outside its home state the breed is quite rare, as in other countries, people don't know about such a dog breed.

For many years there dogs were bred but after a while the demand for Blue Lacy has started to decrease and the breed gradually began to fade. But, fortunately, this period did not last long, and now Blue Lacy again became popular with farmers, ranchers and among American hunters.