Modernize Your Bath With a Floating Bathroom Vanity

Lately, the usage of floating bathroom vanities has become much wider than it used to be some ten years ago and there is no wonder why we are now observing this tendency. In fact, this type of bathroom vanities is a truly hot trend due to a number of benefits it offers to millions of homeowners all over the world.

Some people associate the name of floating bathroom vanities with flying clouds and carpets but it is not quite true. In reality, this type of bathroom vanities isn't flying at all, but it is called so because these vanities are attached to the wall in the bathroom without touching the floor. Besides, floating bathroom vanities contribute greatly to the decor of the rest room as a whole. A very wonderful advantage of this type of vanities is that do not require floor space which can be used in a more useful way - as a storage place, for instance. As floating bathroom vanities hang directly from the wall they give bathroom very clean and modern lines. And what is important, these vanities are available in a great number of sizes in the market. Thus, you can find almost any size of these vanities - for installing them either in a tiny powder room or a large spa bathroom.

As a matter of fact, floating bathroom vanities can be bought in different places: from traditional stores to the Internet. Choosing the last variant will undoubtedly offer you a great variety of benefits. First of all, numerous home decor websites will provide you with a great choice of high quality floating bathroom vanities for you to choose from. Secondly, you will get an opportunity to compare the quality and prices of similar products and then to make the final decision. In this way, you're enabled to save much money. It's a wrong opinion that buying anything online is like a lottery as you can't see and touch the necessary item. In reality, this is not quite true, as most of websites offer pictures of the floating bathroom vanities available. You can also read the comments of real people who have already purchased these products.

To make the right choice of a suitable floating bathroom vanity, it's necessary to consider your decor, taste and certainly lifestyle. You can also decide on the vanity first, but in this case you'll need to plan the rest room according to your choice. In fact, floating bathroom vanities are so impressive and cool that they will undoubtedly become the focal point of your bathroom! Besides these vanities are available in numerous unique colors for you to choose the one that would fit your bathroom design. Some floating bathroom vanities even offer bold patterns on them that will help you to create a certain theme in your rest room. Of course, you can also purchase them in wood grains that will make your bathroom look traditional, of course, if this is what you are looking for.

Floating bathroom vanities are highly exquisite bath features and are created for really unique and unusual personalities who know what they want in life. Nevertheless, despite their unusual style, these vanities can be creatively and conveniently fit into any bathroom. For instance, you can consider the following way of designing a bathroom. If a bathtub (or a shower) and a toilet are situated in one room you can separate them with a small wall. But a plain wall would look too simple and even boring, so you could attach a floating bathroom vanity onto it on the other side of the wall. This will make your room a modern look and crisp. You can even hang two floating bathroom vanities on both sides of the wall making your bathroom extremely convenient, especially if there are people in the house who need to use the bathroom simultaneously. Two sinks would greatly simplify the life in the morning of such a family. But generally speaking, the options of attaching floating bathroom vanities are really unlimited just like human imagination.

In any case, you will find floating bathroom vanities extremely stylish and convenient. You can also use trim shelves with the sinks and faucets which are either attached to the wall or the sink. In fact, most of floating bathroom vanities offer drawers and shelves, so that a homeowner will be provided with enough storage space for keeping such toiletries as extra toilet paper, clean towels, etc.

Summing up, it's necessary to say that floating bathroom vanities prove to be not only stylish but also extremely functional in any type of bathroom. Thus, for instance, a floating bathroom vanity will provide your bathroom with a cleaner look where everything is well organized. Having this wonderful product in your bathroom you will avoid getting clutter in it, have more free space, and locate such useful things as bathroom scales, hampers, or wastebaskets. They can be placed under your floating bathroom vanities.